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FabSpan Pre-Engineered Buildings
A Future Oriented Building Construction Method
Rolling Scaffolding Towers in servicable height of upto 14M. Fixed, Stationary type Towers available upto 80M height.
Storage Pallets
Environmental Friendly, All Galvanized steel Fork :oft Type Material handling & storage pallets in 800x800mm to 1200x1200mm size & capacity upto 800 Kg.
Industrial Centrifugal Blowers from 50 CFM to 100,000 CFM and Pressures from 1"to40" Water Column. Also Turbo Pressure Blowers and Multi-Stage Blowers for Bulk Cargo Handling, Cooling and other applications.
Mobile Scissor Type lift for a working height of upto 40 feet & capacity from 100 Kg. to 500 Kg.
Steam Generators of Super High efficiency from 100 to 500 Kg./Hr. For Distillation, Central Steam Supply and other Industrial Applications where steam and hot water is required.
Warehouse storage racks suitable for Metapallets. Stacking Height upto 6 Pallets High.
Storage Tanks
Field-Erected large diameter steel Storage Tanks. As per AP1-650 & ASME SEC. VIII Standards & AWS Welding codes. Erected using hydraulic lifting techniques.
Porta Cabins
Modular, & Prefabricated Cubicles & Caravans Using Polyurethane Injected Panels.
Material Handling
Industrial duty Material handling conveyors in Mono-planer, Endless, Bucket and V-Trough type Patented Designs. Also Pneumatic Conveyors for grain handling purposes.
Fab-Joint Pipe
Quick connect type Pipe couplings for Connecting large dia. Mains pipes eliminating the needs for flanges and expensive expansion joints etc.
Towable Mobile Lighting Towers, engine driven from 4M mast height to upto 11 M. Floodlighting Coverage Area about 3000 Sq. Mtrs.
Lock Gates in Radial and Lift-up type Construction for controlling flow of Water at Canals, Spillways and Dams etc. Both motorized and manual operations.
Sliding Doors
Straight Horizontal Steel Sliding Doors in any size upto 5M x 5M high can be manufactured and arected at site and arranged to slide on a variety of sliding systems including single, double or multi-tracked system. Standard locking is by hasp & staple & bolts are mounted on multi sets of doors.
Heat Exchangers
An Air to Oil Oil Heat Exchanger for a Particle Board Manufacturing Plant.
Pressure Vessels
A System Comprisisng of High Pressure Vesels for Gas Evacuation.
The mine Passenger Lift is a unique vertical home lift designed to transport a wheelchair user fom ground to firstfloor.Whether your need is for Passenger Lifts or Cargo Lifts, We at Fabricon have a Lifts Custom made to your exact requirements. Equally suitable for indoor or outdoor and residential or commercial applications.These Lifts are designed for installation on external facing of apa4rtments or buildings where there is no provision for a lift well.
Dust Commander
The DustCommander rangeof Dust Control units are compact, completely self contained automatic
 vibra-clean fabric filters. Desgned for process applications requiring air volume capacities in the range of 600M3/Hr. to 6,000M3/Hr. DC's can filter heavydust burdens at a  high filtration velocity and constant level of resistance. Collection efficiencies often exceed 99.99%. These units can operate for long periods without attention and need littled maintenance. 
VacuMaster Cyclone Seperators are the most essential components of any vacuum feed conveying systems.we
 offer a number of models to match the exaching requirement of a pneumatic conveying system. The first type is cyclone separator Model VacuMasterTM which is classified as a mechanical collector. The second and more important type is bag filter such as our Model ustCommanderTM Dust Filter,
 Fabricon designs and manufactures both type with a range suitable for Pneumatic conveying and
 dust control applications. 
Rotary Valves
The rotary valves we manufacture have large diameter shafts for minimum deflection under load. Bearings are housed outboard of the end plates; they are kept clean and free of foreign matter by  their own seals. The bearings are over-sized with respect to the load they are subjected to and are manufactured out of sintered, non-ferrous aterials and they are factory lubricated for the lift of the bearings. This material is designed to give maximum life when operating un-lubricated. 
Hydrpneumatic Tanks
Fabricon is in a position to manufacture and Hydro-test high Quality workmanship Pressure Tanks for Hydropneumatic applications meeting ASME rerquirements. All SMAW welded all around with formed dish ends for safety and long lift. We have a complete popular size.
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